Retro-Reflective Markers and Accessories



For Passive Optical Motion Capture Systems

B&L Engineering manufactures passive retro-reflective markers, marker clusters, and accessories for passive optical motion capture applications. Small facial markers are used in the entertainment industry for motion pictures and video. Medium and large markers are used by researchers and clinicians world-wide in medical research and sports performance applications. Pearl Markers™ are made with machined hemispheres; each covered with a single layer of 3M’s most reflective material improving the spherical accuracy and identification of the centroid at greater distances and lower exposure thresholds. Our Super Soft Markers™ provide safety and comfort for actors during contact activities. They are molded with a tough, integral flexible base that will not separate from the soft spherical marker. Velcro® hook is attached to the bottom of the base for easy attachment to body suits. Large colored Velcro patches provide attachment security and easy actor identification.


Traditional Markers  

All markers are lightweight and covered with

3M reflective materials



Small     1.5mm   2.4mm   3.0mm   4.0mm   5.0mm              Large    25.4mm                         38.1mm








Medium   6.4mm      7.9mm       9.5mm           12.7mm             14.0mm           15.9mm             19.0mm



Pearl Markers   



Greater precision                 



                  6.4mm      7.9mm      9.5mm           12.7mm            14.0mm            15.9mm            19.0mm



Super Soft Markers



Safety and comfort



                                     Large Velcro Colored Patches                                   14.0mm






Metal Screw



Marker Base Options                                                     



Available base options vary depending on size and type of marker ordered. All bases are included at no additional cost, except 17mm Hard Plastic Bases. See  for details.





















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Marker Clusters



Ideal for Biomechanics Research Software such as Visual3D 



Marker Clusters are thin, lightweight rigid curved and flat plates and may be ordered with either Traditional Markers or Pearl Markers. Multiple M4 threaded holes are provided to easily re-position the markers for automatic software identification. The markers for the clusters are provided with M4 studs for easy attachment to the plates. The Velcro® backing easily attaches to Fabrifoam® or neoprene limb wraps for each body segment. Marker Clusters are available as complete sets or individually for the heel (2 sizes), foot, shank, thigh, forearm, upper arm, lower back, upper back and headband as well as custom sizes to meet your requirements.






                                      Thigh                                           Upper Arm                        Complete Set of 15 Marker Clusters*                                           


















                                     Foot                       Forearm









     Upper Back
























* Complete Set includes pairs of Marker Clusters for Upper Arm, Forearm, Thigh, Shank, Foot, and Heel.









    Lower Back









Marker Accessories



3M Reflective Tape and Double-sided Adhesives


















 Double-sided Adhesive Circles



                                                                                                                      3M  7610 Reflective Tape






Double-sided Tape






















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