Minor repair and calibrationis only $89.95 per instrument for either handy dynamometers or pinch gauges. A major repair of a B&L Engineering Mechanical Pinch Gauge requiring replacing internal parts in the dial mechanism is $119.95. We do not repair hydraulic fluid leaks or broken dial mechanisms in hydraulic instruments or other brands of mechanical pinch gauges, but we do offer a $50 trade-in credit towards the purchase of a new B&L Engineering Pinch Gauge, Hand Dynamometer, or 3-piece Hand Evaluation Kit which includes a two-year warranty.

No. Simply complete our 

Repair & Calibration Form

and include it with your instruments.

Please email your quotation request to sales@bleng.com.

Simply place your instruments in their case inside a cardboard box and surround with cushioning material such as newspaper or bubble-wrap. Remember to include the completed Repair & Calibration Form. We recommend US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

No formal paperwork is required on our end. If your facility requires us to complete any new vendor forms, please email your request to sales@bleng.com.

Please email all requests for our W-9 to sales@bleng.com.

Yes. Simply include your PO# on the Repair & Calibration Form and include a hard copy of your Purchase Order with your instruments.

Yes. Simply include your credit card information on the Repair & Calibration Form or check the box for us to call you to obtain your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card information.

We will contact you and offer three options: 1) Return your instrument at no charge other than the cost of return shipping. 2) Dispose of your instrument at no charge. 3) Trade-in your defective instrument and receive a $50 discount towards the purchase of a new instrument. Note: Only one trade-in discount can be applied per new Hand Dynamometer, Pinch Gauge or 3-Piece Hand Evaluation Kit and they all include a two-year warranty.

We normally ship via FedEx Ground unless you specify an alternative method in the Special Instructions section of the Repair & Calibration Form. We add the shipping charges to your invoice unless you provide your UPS or FedEx Account number.

Devices are typically shipped out within one to two business days after they are received.

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