Precision Pinch Gauges and Hand Dynamometers 

B&L Engineering manufactures precision instruments for accurately measuring pinch and grip strength.  Used by physicians and therapists in clinics and rehabilitation centers worldwide, B&L Engineering® Pinch Gauges and Hand Dynamometers come with an industry-best Two-Year Warranty, are competitively priced.  In addition, B&L Engineering is the only manufacturer that also repairs and calibrates other brands of pinch gauges and hand dynamometers.

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Save $50.00 Trade-In any pinch gauge -- working or not… only $190.00

pinch guage

B&L Engineering® Mechanical Pinch Gauges

The original mechanical pinch gauges designed and manufactured by B&L Engineering since 1967. “The Black Pinch Gauge Known as the Gold Standard™” and the one most often cited in research literature.

PG-10: 0-10 lbs. (4.5kg) for weak/injured hand
PG-30: 0-30 lbs. (13.6kg) for normal hand
PG-60: 0-60 lbs. (27.2kg) for athletic hand

● Dual Scale in Pounds and Kilograms
● Key, Tip, & Palmar Pinch Strength Testing
● Precise: PG-10: ±0.2lb, PG-30 ±0.3lb, PG-60 ±0.6lb
● Official Certificate of Calibration
● Fitted Foam Storage Box
● Two-Year Warranty
● $229.00

Save $50.00 Trade-In any hand dynamometer -- working or not… only $210.00

 hand dynometter

B&L Engineering® Hand Dynamometer
Worldwide clinical and research quality replacement for Jamar® Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer.

BL 5001: Dual Scale 0-200 lbs. (0-90kg)

● Five Handle Positions
● Correlation Coefficient ≥ 0.9994
● Official Certificate of Calibration
● CE Marked
● Manual with Normative Adult and Child Tables
● Double-Walled Carrying Case
● Two-Year Warranty
● $249.00



Evaluation and Research Instruments



B&L Engineering® Hand Evaluation Kit
BL5011-3-xx: Includes all the necessary instruments for hand and finger evaluation in one convenient carrying case.

● BL5001 Hand Dynamometer
● Includes PG-10, PG-30 or PG-60 Pinch Gauge
● Includes 5.5” Stainless Steel Finger Goniometer
● Official Certificates of Calibration
● Manuals with Normative Adult and Child Tables
● CE Marked
● Double-Walled Carrying Case
● Two-Year Warranty
● $440.00

 digital hand dynamoeter

Saehan Digital Hand Dynamometer
DHD-1: Accurate grip strength measurements from 0-200 pounds (lbs.) or from 0-90 kilograms (kg) are digitally displayed.

● Load cell technology – It will never leak!
● Setting, Reading and Testing modes
● Up to 20 test results for each hand can be saved
● Calculates AVG, SD, and CV for each hand
● Downloadable DTS (Data Transfer Software)
● 50 hours per charge via USB cable to PC
● One-Year Warranty
● $350.00


Saehan Digital Hand Dynamometer with GSTAR™
DHD-3: Enhanced Digital Hand Dynamometer with downloadable Grip Strength Testing and Research Software. Automates grip strength and endurance testing in both clinical and research environments.

● PC-based application stores patient and test results in Access® database
● Voice guided grip strength and grip endurance testing are graphically displayed during testing
● Includes normative score tables for comparison based on age and gender
● Research functions combine test results for individual patients and selected groups of patients
● One-Year Warranty
● $750.00