Retro-Reflective Markers & Accessories
For Passive Optical Motion Capture Systems
B&L Engineering manufactures passive retro-reflective markers, markers clusters and accessories for passive optical motion capture applications. 

Traditional Markers
Small facial markers are used in the entertainment industry for facial motion capture and by researchers where small markers are required.

Medium and Large markers are used by researchers and clinicians world-wide in medical research and sports performance applications.

1.5       2.4            3.0          4.0         5.0

6.4mm         7.9mm              9.5mm                      12.7mm                 14.0mm                15.9mm                    19.0mm

Cara facial markers - small (3.0, 4.0, 5.0mm) white plastic hemispheres for use with Vicon Cara 3D facial motion capture systems.

**All traditional markers are lightweitgh and covered with 3M reflective materials**

25.4mm                     38.1mm                

Pearl Markers™
Pearl markers are made with machined hemispheres; each covered with a single layer of 3M’s most reflective material improving the spherical accuracy and identification of the centroid at greater distances and lower exposure thresholds.

          9.5mm                                                12.7mm                                                14mm                                                15.9mm                                            19.0mm