Company History

1963 B&L Engineering founded by Roy Snelson and Ernest Bontrager to manufacture Scoop Dishes.  In tribute to their inspirational wives, Bernadette and Linda, they named the company B&L Engineering. Roy left the company in 1974.  Ernie left in 1988.
1965 Introduction of the first Mechanical Pinch Gauge providing doctors, therapists, and researchers precise pinch strength measurement.  To this day, B&L Pinch Gauges are sold worldwide and is the pinch gauge most often cited in research literature.
1968-1995 Dan Antonelli, PhD in Biomedical Engineering.  Dan was instrumental in obtaining the Vicon Distributorship to sell Motion Capture Systems and complete gait laboratories.
1974-1978 Ken Griswold, President of BioSentry Telemetry Corp. and provided design input for a Foot Switch Telemetry System which was manufactured by B&L Engineering.
1976 Formed a California Corporation called Pinsco, Inc. dba B&L Engineering and issued stock to the owners (Ernest Bontrager, Dan Antonelli, and Ken Griswold).  [Pinch Gauge – Scoop Dish = Pinsco]
1984 Introduction of first commercial gait analysis system to capture, analysis and compare footswitch data using personal computers - Stride Analyzer.
1988 Lee Barnes wrote the commercial version of Rancho’s EMG Analyzer Software.  The software provided a complete analysis of muscle activity, comparing a patient’s EMG to a normal database.
1989-1997 B&L Engineering was the exclusive North American distributor for Oxford Metrics, Ltd. – Vicon Motion Systems.  B&L Engineering, with the help of Georges Roudanez, made Vicon the dominant motion capture system used in the United States.  B&L Engineering started manufacturing passive Reflective Markers.
1993 Upgraded Stride Analyzer (Model III) with light-weight recorder and optical start/stop trigger.
1995 Received FDA 510(k) Clearance to manufacture and sell the Active Surface EMG Electrode.  Lee Barnes bought all remaining shares of Pinsco, Inc.
1996 Formalized mechanical Pinch Gauge Repair and Calibration Service.  Upgraded Stride Analyzer (Model IV) with more data storage in the Recorder.
1997 Consolidated operations by moving from Santa Fe Springs, California to Tustin, California
1998-2001 B&L Engineering was the exclusive North American distributor for Charnwood Dynamics – CODA Active Marker Motion Capture System.
2001 EMG Analyzer Software re-written with many new features for EMG analysis during gait.
2003 Upgraded Stride Analyzer (Model V) with practically unlimited trials using compact flash card. Started selling Partitioned Scoop Dishes.
2004 Started calibrating Hydraulic Pinch Gauges and Hand Dynamometers
2009 Moved from Tustin to a larger facility in Santa Ana, California.
2010 Saehan Corporation in South Korea began manufacturing the B&L Engineering Hand Dynamometer.  Upgraded Stride Analyzer (Model VI) to eliminate the Recorder and provide wireless Footswitch data transfer to the PC.
2011-2014 Expanded Reflective Marker product line to include High Precision Pearl Markers, Super Soft Markers, and Sterile Markers used with Image Guided Surgery Systems.