DHD-1 Digital Hand Dynamometer

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The DHD-1 Digital Hand Dynamometer is a stand-alone device developed to be used just like traditional hydraulic hand dynamometers. With the added capability to save strength testing results in memory, strength testing can be performed and the results reviewed and recorded after all tests are completed. When connected to a PC using the USB cable, the Data Transfer Software can transfer the stored test results from the DHD-1 memory into text (.txt) files which can be easily accessed using Notepad or MS-Word for editing and printing. The DHD-1 Digital Hand Dynamometer represents the latest electronic technology applied to the familiar design of hydraulic hand dynamometers. Utilizing electronic load cell transducers instead of hydraulic fluid mechanisms that are prone to leakage; the DHD-1 is extremely durable and designed to last for many years. Highly accurate grip strength measurement from 0-200 pounds (lbs.) or from 0-90 kilograms (kg) is digitally displayed on the LCD and up to 20 test results for each hand can be stored in memory. The built-in battery is long lasting and is easily recharged when connected to a PC using the USB cable included with the DHD-1. In addition, the DHD-1 includes Data Transfer Software (DTS) enabling test results to be downloaded to a PC. Includes fitted foam carrying case, user manual, and One-year warranty.

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